Go home or face arrest: what is happening in the UK immigration policy

“Go home or face arrest”. This is what people can read on various billboards located on London neighbourhoods. But what does this mean? Who is this announcement addressed to?

The UK is facing hard times with illegal immigrants, so this month the Government has published a new law on immigration, called Immigration Bill, which will change the rules on access to the NHS (National Health Service) and impose tougher penalties for illegal working. This should make living in the UK harder for those who are staying there without any permit to work or stay.  Continue reading


Marcinelle, 57 years after

What happened on August 8, 1956 in Belgium? Many people, including a large number of migrants died because of a tragical disaster that occurred in the mines of Marcinelle, Belgium, where a lot of foreign immigrants went to work in those years. Most of them were Italians, escaping from the country that was not giving them a lot of job opportunities. They chose Belgium because it sounded like a good place where to make money to bring back home to Italy. Many of them in fact, didn’t move permanently. They worked there to earn more money to help their families back in their hometowns. 262 people died in the disaster, many were missing and only a few survived. But what really happened on that day?  Continue reading