Immigrants are stealing our jobs! – Wait a minute, what?


While discrimination against different ethnicity, languages and religions still keeps being active in many countries of the world, the western society is facing some other kind of discrimination against the immigration phenomenon, especially in the last years of world recession, when unemployment is still high in many corners of the world. 

Many people are looking for a job. However, many countries hardly offer job opportunities for young graduates, or people who recently lost their previous job due to the recession. Not many people are lucky enough to know someone who can send them directly to a particular department, nor they are lucky enough to be rich, and corrupt some CEO or HR employee to give them a job opportunity.
Yes, it is very common among countries, an example being Italy, where young graduates struggle finding a job because an unskilled, rich, “son-of” somebody important got the job without even blinking their eyes. What happens though, is that these graduates try to expatriate, to find a job abroad, where employers look for work experience (such a vicious cycle, isn’t it – especially because many educational institutions do not even offer some kind of co-op program or internship program, and employers would rather hire someone with “experience” than just a person who is freshly graduated).

The picture shown above clearly says it all. There are people who still think that someone who crossed borders looking for a better opportunity, has come to STEAL (yes, you read it right) their job.
The Human Resources departments of any firm, in any country, know what it means to choose among candidates who send their resumes and cover letter hoping to be chosen for the job posting. They definitely know the labour laws of the country they work in, especially when it comes to hiring someone who is not a resident, nor citizen of that country.
It is a very complex process, because in many countries foreign workers are asked to hold a Work Permit or Visa, or a Residence Permit in order to start working, and those pieces of paper are ridiculously expensive. They are asked to apply for many things such as SSN/SIN too (in the USA and Canada), for example. Local citizens do not think about this when it comes to criticizing the firm that “just hired an alien”  instead of someone from the area. They should know that many firms sponsor their candidates to work with them, because they either are a great investment for the economy of the country and the firm itself, or they did not find anybody in the local area who is able to fulfill the firm’s expectations and requirements when recruiting.

Then why keep saying that you have been stolen a job when you have no, or few skilled experience, maybe not even a degree, while someone from a country you did not know even existed, or someone of colour in a country where whites are predominant, or a skilled worker who is escaping from a recession (especially in Southern Europe nowadays) and trying to find some kind of occupation in order to eat, gets a job while you do not? “Then who is the sh*t now?”

The job industry has been really competitive for a long time, and it will become even more in the next years. People will start to compete with others to get a specific mansion, while some sectors, where unskilled labourers are preferred or needed, such as Agriculture, for example, will become poorer and the demand of labourers will skyrocket within minutes, while the supply of labour in the skills-needed sectors will drop insanely. And no one really wants to work in an environment where your hands get dirty, right?

In this society, when everyone seeks for a white-collar job, and hopes immigrants get the blue-collar ones or farming jobs, which are nowadays rejected by the majority of the population, things will not change easily. While a considerate amount of young learners gets to university, many choose subjects which either will not be considered in the labour market  in the future, or are too saturated and not in need of new graduates, while those in need of workforce will be empty or with very few candidates.
People now learn foreign languages, study in English rather than in their own mother tongue, they travel, they gain international experience, and this is an important asset for many business sectors.

Before criticizing foreigners, and accusing them to steal “your” job, remember that you do not know what they did in their life, you did not read their CV, and you (most likely) have not lived in their country. You might not have their skills, their specialties, their education, no matter if they come from a provincial Indian university, rather than a state Italian one, or a prestigious private university with a no.1 ranking in the world. You may have studied at Harvard, Yale or Bocconi, but that does not mean you have all the rights to get something more than someone who did not have the same economic possibilities, nor the same contacts you have. This person has become bilingual to steal your job, while you might only know your native one – something that happens too much among Italian “élites“, for example – and they crossed half the world to work, while many people still sit in a chair for 8 hours looking at facebook hoping that their employer does not find out.

Meritocracy is the key, no matter what country you come from. Do not listen to envious people who have nothing better to do than criticize people who are more skilled than them 🙂


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