The Italian Exodus: the faucet that won’t stop spilling water

It is no surprise that Italy has been having a long and rich immigration history, especially since the year of the unification, 1861. What surprises people the most, though, is the fact that this phenomenon has been going on for a long time and it is hardly going to stop any time soon.
But is the government doing something to prevent such a hemorrhage? Are there any ways to try to stop the growing numbers of Italians who, after more than 150 years, are still leaving their country to find a better life or a job?
Sadly the answer is not going to be very positive.

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White racism? The sad story of a 19 year-old Italian worker in the UK.

Who was Joele Leotta? Many people do not have a clue. He was a 19 year-old boy from northern Italy, who decided to move abroad to look for some job opportunities, since the situation in Italy is not really one of the easiest and happiest. Many young graduates like him do the same choice, and that’s what I am aiming to when I will be done with my Bachelor’s studies. The fact is that Italy doesn’t offer people anything right now, it seems like it has gone back to the mid 20th century, when many Italians left to go “anywhere but home” to be able to earn a couple of coins to give food to their family or to just build one.
Joele reminds these immigrants who left with nothing and went to countries which could offer them something more than just unemployment and poverty.  Continue reading

The Italian immigration problem. Is there a way to solve it?

Everyone knows what is happening in the Mediterranean coast of Italy. Many boats are bringing thousands of refugees, who escape from the war in Syria and the previous tense situations in northern Africa and the Middle East. But locals are not happy with this situation. Italy is facing a rough period for what concerns economy and employment, and racism is starting to rise again towards those people who come and seek for help in another reality. But what should people do to regulate this? Why people from those countries come to Italy instead of other Mediterranean countries?  Continue reading

Marcinelle, 57 years after

What happened on August 8, 1956 in Belgium? Many people, including a large number of migrants died because of a tragical disaster that occurred in the mines of Marcinelle, Belgium, where a lot of foreign immigrants went to work in those years. Most of them were Italians, escaping from the country that was not giving them a lot of job opportunities. They chose Belgium because it sounded like a good place where to make money to bring back home to Italy. Many of them in fact, didn’t move permanently. They worked there to earn more money to help their families back in their hometowns. 262 people died in the disaster, many were missing and only a few survived. But what really happened on that day?  Continue reading