UK Spouse/Family visas: the issue of minimum income requirement

A Spouse visa is a typical type of visa which should bring a family together, where one of the family members or more are not a citizen of the country they want to migrate to.

Every country has its own program for family reunification, and each country has its own rules and requirements. Although to the government it can be the best option, many people are struggling to bring family over into the UK.  Continue reading


White racism? The sad story of a 19 year-old Italian worker in the UK.

Who was Joele Leotta? Many people do not have a clue. He was a 19 year-old boy from northern Italy, who decided to move abroad to look for some job opportunities, since the situation in Italy is not really one of the easiest and happiest. Many young graduates like him do the same choice, and that’s what I am aiming to when I will be done with my Bachelor’s studies. The fact is that Italy doesn’t offer people anything right now, it seems like it has gone back to the mid 20th century, when many Italians left to go “anywhere but home” to be able to earn a couple of coins to give food to their family or to just build one.
Joele reminds these immigrants who left with nothing and went to countries which could offer them something more than just unemployment and poverty.  Continue reading

Go home or face arrest: what is happening in the UK immigration policy

“Go home or face arrest”. This is what people can read on various billboards located on London neighbourhoods. But what does this mean? Who is this announcement addressed to?

The UK is facing hard times with illegal immigrants, so this month the Government has published a new law on immigration, called Immigration Bill, which will change the rules on access to the NHS (National Health Service) and impose tougher penalties for illegal working. This should make living in the UK harder for those who are staying there without any permit to work or stay.  Continue reading