The Mediterranean Odyssey: is the new EU bill going to be approved?

What happened in the past couple years in the Mediterranean is not going to easily end. Thousands of people, trying to seek for a better life, a better chance, are getting on those boats, trying to cross what now can be called the Sea of Death.

In the past month, another tragedy stained those water with blood, blood of human beings who have been exploited, mistreated and robbed by those who are seen as life saviours by mistake. Those smugglers who have nothing to lose, who take people from the poorest parts of Africa, ask them all the money they earned in their lifetime for the journey of fortune, which might turn into a nightmare once they start sailing. Continue reading


The Italian immigration problem. Is there a way to solve it?

Everyone knows what is happening in the Mediterranean coast of Italy. Many boats are bringing thousands of refugees, who escape from the war in Syria and the previous tense situations in northern Africa and the Middle East. But locals are not happy with this situation. Italy is facing a rough period for what concerns economy and employment, and racism is starting to rise again towards those people who come and seek for help in another reality. But what should people do to regulate this? Why people from those countries come to Italy instead of other Mediterranean countries?  Continue reading

Go home or face arrest: what is happening in the UK immigration policy

“Go home or face arrest”. This is what people can read on various billboards located on London neighbourhoods. But what does this mean? Who is this announcement addressed to?

The UK is facing hard times with illegal immigrants, so this month the Government has published a new law on immigration, called Immigration Bill, which will change the rules on access to the NHS (National Health Service) and impose tougher penalties for illegal working. This should make living in the UK harder for those who are staying there without any permit to work or stay.  Continue reading